Sunday, May 31, 2009

As a Space Wolf player I have to deal a lot with painting yellow. Yellow can be a very difficult color to work with, because it requires many layers in order to achieve a solid looking area. From the start of my occupation with Warhammer 40k up to now, I have tried 3 different ways of painting yellow, which I will share with you. Mind you that I have not decided yet which is the best. However I will try to state their pros and cons.

First method

Start with a basecoat of white. This can be from the spray can, or plain skull white with a brush. It probably requires 2 coats of your basecoat for a more even coat. Then start applying several thin coats of golden yellow, until the desired effect is achieved. It will probably require about 7-9 layers of golden yellow. It is necessary to apply the paint watered down and not straight from the pot, as this would cause it to “build” on the area you are painting. However you must not water it down too much, because it will require many more layers.

This method is quite straightforward, but quite nerve-raking as well, because you might reach the 5th layer of golden yellow and still have shadows. Be patient and do not despair! Keep on painting and you’ll get it. This method does not require many different colors, so it’s ideal for people that have just got into the hobby and don’t have to spend a fortune on a full paint set.

Second method

Again start with a basecoat of skull white, spray or brush. For this method however you can start with a basecoat of black. Then apply two coats of blazing orange. Then start painting golden yellow as described in the first method. You will probably need 4-6 layers for a clean yellow shoulder pad.

First of all, this method allows you to use black or white as a basecoat. The advantage is that if you paint your minis after you assemble them, you don’t have a problem spraying the whole of them black. Furthermore it requires less layers of golden yellow than the previous method. Finally it comes out slightly darker than the result of the previous method. After all, shiny colors are for eldar…

Third method

The third method differs from the one above, only in the color you use before applying golden yellow. In that method, iyanden darksun from the foundation range of colors is used. All the other steps are the same.

The results you get are the same with those in the second method, with a darker tone of yellow. Furthermore, since you are using a foundation color, the first step of basecoating can be skipped and you can begin with iyanden darksun straight away.

In general all three methods give satisfactory results. However I cannot say if one is better than the other as the results are similar. All three can be finished with a wash of gryphonne sepia and a light drybrush of golden yellow, in order to achieve a more weathered look. In order to see the results of the above methods you can check the following posts I made on the blog:

First method – Post on Grey Hunters

Second method – Post on Blood Claws

For the third method, you will see the results on a squad of Wolf Guard terminators I am about to finish. So stay in touch!

For Russ and the Allfather!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

After receiving my heavy support reinforcements, it was time to start building them. I decided to start with the Land Raider Crusader as it is in the list I usually play. I also need to stop borrowing my mate's crusader (see battle report ultramarines). Besides grey is better than blue! 

Because I decided to paint the interior, I keep the pieces unassembled so I can  work more easily. Up to now I have primed the pieces and painted the first layer of the main color. I decided to go with astronomican grey and it turned out to my liking. In parallel to the interior I have also began assembling the weapon sponsons. Here is the first picture with my progress so far. 

Land Raider Crusader interior
LRC Interior 1

For Russ and the Allfather!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

As promised here is my first battle report. A little late but better late than never! It is a bit long but stay with me for a tale of heroic deeds.

The battle was against Ultramarines instead of Imperial Guard that was initially planned. It was an annihilation scenario of 1750 points with spearhead deployment. The game lasted 3 rounds.


The wolves chose a tight packed formation since intelligence revealed the opponent lacked ordnance weapons. They set up as close to the enemy’s forward elements as possible, eager to meet his units in close combat. All armor was deployed in such a way, so to provide cover to the infantry units that were on foot. The Land Raider Crusader (which defected from the UltramarinesJ) was set up closer to the enemy where its tough hide could resist heavy weapon punishment. It carried a pack of 8 Grey Hunters and a Wolfguard pack leader in terminator armor. It also covered the advance of the Wolfguard Battle Leader and his terminator bodyguards. To the left of the terminators rolled a Rhino transport packed with 9 Bloodclaws and a Wolf Priest, eager to come out of it and meet the enemy head on. Behind the Land Raider came a pack of 7 Grey Hunters, which acted as a rear guard along with the Predator Annihilator. Finally the old and wise Venerable Dreadnought would fall close to the enemy armor by drop pod on the first round.

The enemy deployed most of its tactical squads in the open hopping to damage the Wolves’ vehicles with their missile launchers and meltas. He covered two more squads in one building beside a Predator Annihilator packed with lascannons. A scout squad with Telion was placed in another building using infiltration. A squad of bikers was also kept to the back, which using its speed would flank the wolves and provide support to the scouts. Finally, he kept a Venerable Dreadnought and a squad of Sternguards with Pedro Kantor in reserve to be deployed by drop pod.

 Turn 1

The Wolves rolled to play first but the Ultramarines seized the initiative and made their first move. The drop pod fell screaming from the sky and landed behind the Predator instantly sealing its fate. The bikes moved at their full speed, to come as soon as possible beside the scouts. The rest units stayed put, in order to fire their heavy weapons. First opened the Predator, firing everything it got on the Land Raider. It only left a couple of scorch marks to its armored side. Then came the krak missiles, who also failed to do any damage to the big tank. Seeing their battle brother’s failure, a squad chose to attack the more vulnerable Rhino and managed to destroy it. The explosion took a Bloodclaw with it. They have lost one of their brothers and they would have to walk to the enemy. The Priest was just managing to keep them in check. The scouts tried to hurt the terminator squad but their ancient armor held. Finally came the close range attack of the Sternguards. Their meltaguns left the Predator immobilized destroyed the main weapon and a heavy bolter. The tank was out of the battle.

It was time for the Wolves to bar their fangs. The old one fell from the sky into the face of the enemy Predator. The Wolf Priest ran the Bloodclaws to cover. It was an enormous task keeping them from falling into berserker mode. The Land Raider moved towards the enemy so it could unleash the Wolves in its belly. The Grey Hunter pack came out howling ready to confront the enemy. Seeing the Predator badly wounded, the rearguard moved to support it. Finally, the terminators moved behind the Bloodclaws, so they could get a better shot at the scouts. Then the shooting began. Using the machine spirit, the Land Raider engaged 2 different squads, spraying them with bolter rounds from its assault cannon and hurricane bolters. Along with the disciplined rapid fire from the Grey Hunters, one of the squads was wiped out and the other suffered one casualty. The Predator although badly damaged shot with its remaining heavy bolter at the Sternguards but the elite unit shrugged it off easily. The Venerable Dreadnought open up with its assault cannon at the enemy Predator and scored a rending hit, which left the tank’s crew shaken. Finally the Wolf Guard battle leader gave the order and an assault cannon, a cyclone missile launcher and 3 storm bolters targeted the scouts hiding in the building. When the smoke cleared no one remained. Although the rearguard Grey Hunters knew they were outclassed by the Sternguard, they assaulted it, relaying on their numbers and bestial fury. The battle was furious but no side suffered any casualties.

 Turn 2

The Ultramarines having lost two squads and with their heavy support useless, had to redouble their efforts. Their moral soared when they saw a fireball coming down on the battlefield. Their Dreadnought had arrived. They kept their defensive stance, with only the bikers rolling to meet the Bloodclaws from the side and the squad close to the Land Raider taking cover in some nearby debris. A hail of bolter rounds and missiles rained for a second time on the Wolves. The bike squadron was now in range of the Bloodclaws, which suffered some casualties. The Venerable Dreadnought shot at the terminators but the rounds bounced of their armor. A krak missile scored a hit on the Wolves Venerable Dreadnought stunning it. On the back of the field the Grey Hunters continued their melee with the Sternguards to an inevitable result.

The Wolves’ packs moved to fire to the enemy before assaulting them. The Bloodclaws fired their bolt pistols and flamer towards the bikers scoring only one wound. The terminators however, thanks to their heavy weapons made more damage. The Land Raider rained a hail of rounds at the squad in cover to its right and scored 2 more hits, leaving it with only 2 marines. The power of the machine spirit guided the multi melta and fired at the Dreadnought. The searing beam from such a close range, left it immobilized, and at the mercy of the Wolfguards. They would fall on it in the next round! Then the assault came! The Bloodclaws finally had a target to assault and they fell to the task with fury. However, the bikers were seasoned fighters and held the storm of the Claws charge. The Claws suffered more casualties than they caused. The old one marched towards the Predator which could do nothing but wait its demise. It came in the form of furious power fist attacks from the Dreadnought, annihilating the tank. Next it would fall on these cowards hiding in the building nearby. At the center of the field, the Grey Hunters led by the Pack Leader, assaulted the closest Ultras they could find. Howling their wolf cries, they charged bolters firing point blank and battle blades slashing left and right, reducing the Ultramarines squad to half strength. They suffered two casualties but this only enraged them. The rearguard kept fighting heroically. However, for every Sternguard they killed, two wolf brothers were slain. Pedro Kantor could not be stopped…

 Turn 3

With most of their units locked in close combat the ultramarines firepower was diminished. The squad at the top fired at the Grey Hunters coming to them, but their aim was shaken by the sight of 5 Space Wolves and a pack leader in terminator armor running to them, screaming their battle cries. They were Ultramarines. They knew now fear. They were awed by the fury of their opponents and missed. The Ultra’s Venerable fired again at the terminators but their runic charms saved them. The close combats with the bikers and the Sternguard raged on, not going well for the Wolves who kept losing their brothers.

The Wolves’ Dreadnought moved and charged the unit in the building killing two of them and suffering no damage in the process. To their enemies surprise, the Grey Hunters at the front, stopped and rapid-fired their bolters, killing only one Ultramarine. We should have charged…thought the Pack Leader. All the Bloodclaws fell, leaving the Wolf Priest alone against 3 bikers. A song of Fenris in his lips, his frost blade whirring, he charged again. He would take as many as he could before falling. The Grey Hunters at the back were finally slain. They knew they had won their place in the halls of the ancients. The enemy commander had not called the Orbital Bombardment. Knowing that the enemy Dreadnought could not threaten it anymore, the Land Raider concentrated its fire on the remaining Ultramarines to its right. The firepower from the assault cannon, hurricane bolters and multi melta was overwhelming and the marines fell. The last move of the game was for the Wolfguards. They fired their heavy weapons and charged at the Venerable Dreadnought, destroying it completely.


At the end of turn 3 it came down to killpoints. The Wolves had lost a Rhino and a Grey Hunter pack. 2 killpoints for the enemy. The Ultramarines had lost 3 tactical squads, a Predator, a Venerable Dreadnought and a scout squad.  6 killpoints for the Space Wolves.

Back at the Fang, a feast was thrown with plenty of Fenrisian ale, where the victors were praised and the fallen honored.  

For Russ and the Allfather!!